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95480 Hwy 101 S.
Yachats, OR 97498

Located 6.5 miles
South of Yachats
and 17 miles
North of Florence
at Milepost 171
Oceanside | Highway 101

Guest Rules and Guidelines

Cell phones: WiFi calling is now a popular choice in our resort. Standard reception for others is spotty and often unreliable pending your particular coverage therefore we have provided free telephone and free long distance for our guests. Our private telephone room is located in the lodge, across from the wood stove.

Clubhouse: Please make yourself comfortable the Clubhouse is for our guests. We ask for your utmost courtesy when using the restrooms, showers and laundry facility.

Clubhouse kitchen is for management/staff functions only. Guests are allowed to bring prepared food/beverages to the dining room for their enjoyment. We ask all guests to please clean-up after personal gatherings. 

1.  Oregon Law Requires all sewer connections to be airtight.

2.  Quiet hours in the park are 10pm-8am. No generators please.

3.  Please keep the lawn areas completely clear to mow. No tie-down stakes or awning supports.

4.  Please no hanging laundry, tarps, ornaments or outdoor storage. 

5.  Please no driving off pavement keeping RV and vehicles within boundaries of your site.

6. Please register all guests at the office prior to entry. Up to 6 people per site. Overnight guests are subject to admission charge. Absolutely no sleeping in cars, trucks or vehicle other than registered RV. Please entertain guests at your site. Registered guests are responsible for behavior and safety of all persons occupying or visiting their site. Up to 2 vehicles allowed per site.

7.  No smoking or vaping will be allowed away from your site. Please be courteous to your neighbor.

8.  Please no washing of vehicles, mechanical work, oil changing or radiator draining.

Absolutely NO Fireworks are allowed on Sea Perch property.


• You are liable for the fire you start.

• No fires in windy conditions.

• Put out the fire you start (coals okay).

• Propane fire rings are allowed at your site only, no wood or charcoal fires allowed. The only place you   may have an open fire of any kind is in our community fire ring or on the beach.


Sea Perch loves kids! Please make certain children follow the resort rules at all times.  

1. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the lodge without direct supervision of a parent. We ask parents to supervise children under age of 16 at all times using exercise equipment.

2.  Bikes, skateboards, scooters are not allowed on property (beach only).

3. Please don’t leave children under the age of 16 unattended anywhere on resort property and especially on the beach! Sneaker waves and rip currents occur daily. 

4. All guests, children and pets please be courteous to other guests and remain 15’ from the back of oceanfront/oceanview pads/sites within the resort. Parents please advise your children to not run through the sites of other guests for any reason. Please be respectul for the privacy of private owner in site #10.


Sea Perch loves pets, however please make certain to take full responsibility for them and for following resort pet rules. 

1. Pets are not allowed in any resort buildings at any time (office, lodge or laundry facilities).  The only exception is for those with a registered service animal. All pets must be registered.

2. Please take your pets to the designated "Pet  and Play" area to do their "business." We provide for your pets a doggie station complete with bags and fire hydrant.

3. You must pick up after your pets! $100 fine for first offense and eviction from resort (no refunds will be given).

4.  Absolutley NO crates, fencing, pens allowed on Sea Perch Property. Never leave your dog unattended outside of your RV, even on a leash.

5. If your dog barks constantly and the problem is not resolved after one warning, you will be required to vacate the property. No refunds will be given. 

6. ANY DOG, regardless of size, that displays aggressive behavior, i.e. "crazy barking", attacks other dogs/children/guests MUST be removed from resort property immediately.  NO refunds will be given.


 Sea Perch Resort follows and abides to State and Lane County rules regarding recycling:

1. Cardboard Boxes: FLATTEN ALL BOXES

2. Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, office paper and scrap paper: CLEAN PAPER ONLY

3. Pop/Food Cans: EMPTY AND RINSE ALL CANS. NO LIDS. (NO FOOD OR LIQUID RESIDUE.) NO PLASTICS OR GLASS OF ANY KIND. Place glass in the separate glass bin for recycling.

For the safety and peace-of-mind for all Sea Perch guests and owners, we thank you for helping us ensure everyone has a wonderful experience while staying at Sea Perch RV Resort! 
- Your Resort Mangers,
     Tony and Barbara Shepherd



95480 Hwy 101 S.
Yachats, OR 97498

Located 6.5 miles South of Yachats and 17 miles North of Florence at Milepost 171 Oceanside | Highway 101